Susanne Thomas

I guess being stubborn is a good thing...sometimes. That’s how I became an artist - by painting with colors, words, and film.

About the Storyteller

When I was little, I first discovered my fascination with creative storytelling by expressing my imagination through pencil, paper, and an idea. I kept practicing and exploring the possibilities of a few graphite strokes. My interests gradually expanded to include writing, poetry and singing – all of which centered on my love for original content creation. Now, as an advertising student at UNC, I am gaining real-word experiences that inspire the craft of storytelling through video, web and graphic design.

Creative problem solving also directed my interest towards communication-based experiences requiring soft skills to encourage others and help them succeed. I bring a unique perspective to the field and create effective messaging using creativity, communication, and teaching to become an effective content creator and help address the needs of the intended audience.