As many of you all may know, I started this blog in the class The Branding of Me with Professor Gary Kayye, where we have spent this semester analyzing our personal brands. Obviously, college is a great time to “rebrand” and figure out how to present the skill sets and interests we’ve worked hard to develop so far. I must say that blogging has been a great experience for me. It’s challenging to take a moment during the day that’s easily overlooked and twist it into the next blog topic to write about. It also takes a high caliber of creativity that sometimes feels hit or miss.

In the past, I have also created a lot of videos. My first deep dive came from a digital storytelling class that resulted with lots of web design, coding, and video creation experience. It took a few weeks to get the hang of the microphone sensitivity, shooting apps, and – most importantly – the editing software. Adobe Premiere Pro has a lot of potential, but jumping on for the first time one day was not a great feeling. There are buttons and audio levels and editing pages everywhere. And suddenly, the final product looked a long way off.

But that was a few semesters ago, and despite the intimidating experience, I’ll say Premiere Pro is fun to use. Additionally, as this semester wraps up, I’m excited to announce that I have created my own introductory video! This is the first time I have used film to express myself. It feels selfish to focus so much energy into a personal presentation, but I’d be wrong to deny how fun it was to shoot.

As the semester draws to a close, I still see the value of blogging in the future. It forces me to think on my feet and consider situations from different perspectives. And just like any other creative form, it’s hard to tell where inspiration will come from next.

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