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Ask Your 10-Year-Old Self About Your Future

In the class, The Branding of Me, we are learning to establish an authentic personal brand and style in preparation for our future careers. What I really appreciate about the class is its emphasis on discovering our passions and interests. After all, isn’t the purpose of education to excel in an area that fascinates us?

I believe that everyone’s individual skill sets are a gift, but growing them to benefit others takes a lifetime to learn.  That’s why it’s an individual adventure!

So how do you discover your passion in life, and what is your personal style in that field? The article linked here in the Reader’s Digest answers this question profoundly. According to Bruce Grierson, you as a 10-year-old discovered and grew your innate interests. In other words, your preferred hobbies during 5th grade hint towards your interests now.

To be honest, kid’s lives are pretty cool. Children are creative, live dependently on their families, and must grow morally, physically, intellectually, and relationally. The whole world is a playground to them, and they can’t wait to experience its potential. As we become more refined with experiences, the same inner interest for certain things shouldn’t really leave.

For example, I loved to draw and write in middle school. I have a stack of art binders in my closet  that’s likely taller than me. I also wrote short stories from a young age and read a lot. This doesn’t mean I must become a full-time artist or writer, but I should use these interests in the career I do pursue.

So, what are you interested in? You may be different from the ten-year-old you, but some things likely didn’t change.

This article in the Reader’s Digest really changed how I view careers now.  When you are doing what uses your gifts, you will be happy and passionate about furthering its purpose.

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