My RA displayed a cute poster about love languages for my dorm recently. You’ve probably heard of them:

While these are wonderful to know, I feel like this sort of list is missing some elements.

  • Coffee. Need I say more? If you really want to show someone your love, buy them a nice cup of caffeine. Only when your significant other is actually awake will they recognize your wonderful personality and admire your generosity.
  • Not setting an alarm for a morning. I have a love-hate relationship with my phone. It’s handy and only sometimes distracting, but when it erupts with a cacophony of dissonant sounds at 5:50 AM, it takes me every ounce of self-control to not chuck it at the wall.
  • Doing laundry for someone. You could technically call this an act of service, but it’s much more than that. It’s an act of sacrifice: of patience, time, mental energy, and emotional tranquility. Now that I’m at college, I have mad respect for my mom doing this draining activity for me during the first half of my life.
  • Not hosting another Zoom meeting. Let’s just meet in person, ok?
  • Complements. I’m convinced we have this ingrained nature to think only about ourselves and no one else. For example, I stress out about my outfit in the mornings and yet never notice what anyone else is wearing. I think it’s considerate to recognize the hard work everyone else underwent to look presentable as well.

Now that you’re equipped with some extra love languages, go out and appreciate those that you love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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