It’s officially spring here in Chapel Hill. The smell of hope rides the waves of anticipation and practically curls through the air. Faint whisps of green appear on trees. Anyone from North Carolina knows that the weather changes constantly, from rain to shine to clouds to rain again.

I’ve noticed flowers budding on bushes and vines. The cherry trees bloomed last week but are working on their leaves next. It smells like morning all day long. The chimes from nature’s melody fill the hearts of every songbird on campus.

And why does this matter? Well, creation is primarily beautiful. It’s also incredibly well-made. Others at UNC feel it too, as the campus fields fill with students studying in the sun (before the summer heat wave hits, of course).

This amazing transformation from winter to spring parallels the importance of renewal in our own lives. We need mental, spiritual, and physical renewal.

Life is a hard lesson we all learn but never master. And more often than not, change is a grueling process. But just as spring crowns the weakening wrath of winter each year, we can learn to propel ourselves into the next step, whether day, season of life, or project ahead, with a replenished mind. Change can be a good thing!

During our MEJO 577 The Branding of Me class with Gary Kayye last week, we talked about the beauty of rebranding ourselves. This central concept of the semester is pivotal for our creative jobs after college because we have the chance to change how others see us. It’s not an artificial filter to idealize our lives, but rather an opportunity to grow the good things and uproot the elements weighing us down. Here are some ideas for starting fresh this spring:

  • Learn to appreciate the moment.  The present moment and situation will never come again, and let’s be okay with that.
  • Secondly, our perception towards circumstances depends on our mentalities. Try to form a positive outlook by rewiring any negative thinking processes, then adapt a hunger for growth. Living in the house of regret is an invisible trap.
  • Know when you are experiencing unhealthy relationships, such as the people that suck the life and energy from you. Chances are, they haven’t learned to deal with their own thought processes!
  • Know what you are saying and how it is coming across. This is a big one for branding but applies to personal lives, entrepreneurs, or anyone! Knowing the central message to convey is step one, but how is your audience interpreting it? Does the confidence look like pride, or quiet demeaner like weakness? Identifying yourself based on what other people say is not healthy, but try to develop empathy for others instead. I have noticed that being authentic always comes across as honest and genuine.
  • Get enough sleep. And not because you know it’s “good for you.” The cells in our bodies constantly regenerate and needs time to heal from each day. How you treat yourself, including your lifestyle, makes an impact on how your body functions. 

On that note, go out and enjoy the rejuvenation of another beautiful spring morning!

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