Some people I know can translate stress into efficient time management. They don’t get overwhelmed by a lot of work and turn academic stress into productivity. I certainly haven’t mastered it, but responsibility somehow becomes more freeing when we can constrain the time it takes per task. I’ve also noticed that appreciation and gratitude help train our minds to decrease stress. At least we can be grateful that spring is around the corner and February is finally over!

Having a plan decreases arbitrary questions about how and when projects will be completed. It unburdens our minds and helps us focus on what we need to do instead. It sounds contradictory, but it somehow isn’t.

But what about scheduling each day? Lots of students I know use creative planners. There are so many out there! From bullet journaling and daily planners to Google Calendar, use anything that works as long as due dates are obvious. Once you know how long something takes and what time you have, the academic strain can decrease.

Organization efficiently shortens the To-Do list, but let’s face it, there can be downsides. One blind spot is focusing too much on getting things done instead of understanding the material. Everyone stresses and responds to stress in different ways, but be careful with feeling out of control, such as unexpected events or a project that takes longer than expected.

Studying varies vastly across class types and workloads. Some classes consist of many assignments, while others have fewer tests that are worth way more. Knowing how much you know is key.

One amazing tip is utilizing the learning style you have. We learn best through visual, kinesthetic (tactile), and auditory methods. One peer I know has nearly perfect auditory recollection, so she just listens to lectures and knows the material. Others have to build models, teach it to themselves, or act it out. Or maybe you’re visual and spill several gallons of highlighter ink on your notes before any exam. Sharpie must be making serious bank off of my study habits.

I hope this helps as you strive for more balance, no matter the stress of the situation. Meanwhile, be grateful, stay organized, and know how to study!

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