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Coloring Beyond the Lines

My name is Susanne Thomas, and I am an advertising student at UNC Chapel Hill. My interests including writing, art, and music, which is really creative storytelling.

I’ve grown up around math-crazy people my whole life. My dad is an engineer, and all three of my older siblings coincidentally followed along. Some people might think my family was pressured to pursue this field, but I’m living proof that this didn’t happen. While I held my ground during dinnertime debates about angular velocity and aerodynamics of wind resistance in 747’s, my passions pointed…elsewhere. Some people analytically view life through black and white equations. I want to explore the world through the colors it diffuses.

What’s the difference? It’s not an exact science, so I can only speak from my experiences. For example, I have something in my head called imagination that somehow didn’t die through adolescence. In fact, it actually thrived. Now, simple moments in life propel me to explore the surrounding world of possibilities. The trick is noticing and appreciating them. From moody sunrises from my dorm room to a penny on the sidewalk on the way to class, the surrounding colors, textures, and sounds complete a comprehensive experience called My Life’s Story.

Don’t get me wrong, the purpose of this blog is NOT to make you feel bad about gifts you have. The exact opposite, actually. It’s a curious and personal journey to grow the little voice that makes you yourself. So, let’s discover the color around us and make our unique print on life’s endless fabric of possibilities.

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